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HTBC Online Course - Module 1

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What People Are Saying:

For the last 5 years, I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency. Yet, I did not take any action as all the information I found was either hype, very high level, or too complicated to understand what it was all about. I kept asking around and someone referred Ben. I asked for 10 minutes of his time and it turned into a hands on , very practical - no hype - educational experience which is enduring and ongoing . His advice is sound, wise and eye opening. Granted , you have to do your own research , and invest time and effort , as with anything else in life that pays off. Ben is a no bullshit , levelheaded and kind coach who explains the process in clear understandable language for us “no math PHD” people. The result is a very nice portfolio of safe crypto investments which has done very well. Highly recommend!

Anneke K.

This has been a game changer for me. Initially I was more skeptical than even curious about crypto but as I saw what was happening in the market and intrigued by so many well known investors hopping in, I knew I needed to learn but was immediately overwhelmed. Ben was incredible at making this complex space approachable and straightforward. He guided me step by step until I not only felt comfortable but even confident about buying, storing and selling different cryptos (including some very under the radar ones). While I appreciate this is an investment for the long-haul, I'm very pleased with the first years' gains which would never have been possible without Ben and his approach.

Chris N.

There’s not a lot that Ben doesn’t know about crypto, and working with him I went from a relatively skeptical novice who felt they’d made all the crypto investments they might want to already, to wanting to go further, learn more and invest more heavily based on the opportunity available. Ben presented facts and recommendations that were so helpful and I left feeling empowered to make these choices alone and figure out a solid plan that puts me firmly in the future that is being created all around us! The course had everything you need and you can go deeper if you want, or stay high level basics, too.

Ellen D.

Ben’s course is great! Very insightful and he’s a wonderful coach. If you are a crypto 101 person , and like a white glove treatment, I’d highly recommend the personal coaching . If you're tech savvy and have dabbled a bit, the self-learning course will suffice and provide you with very practical advice. Ben is very knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about the subject and future of crypto !

Ann Maria S.